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Serenity Electronics Incoming Inspection

Serenity has gone to great lengths to make our incoming receiving inspection comparable to anyone in the independent distribution business.

Upon receipt of parts by our trained IDEA certified inspectors the following protocol is followed.

A data sheet matching the incoming part is printed. A visual inspection is then performed using the following industry standards:

ERAI Recommended Top 10 Inspection Report

ERAI Recommended Inspection Process

IDEA -1005-D Inspection Guideline Checklist

Digital photographs are taken from all angles and archived by part number and date of arrival.

A sampling of the shipment is placed under one of two microscopes which produce at a 40X view. If in fact we find any issues that are abnormal we attach a high resolution digital camera to the microscope and take photographs for recording purposes. All digital images are kept in our archives.

If any part is found to be counterfeit it is reported to the ERAI, IDEA and the Federal Government.

In the past Serenity has assisted Homeland Security and the Federal Aviation Administration in their investigation of companies that have dealt in the trafficking of counterfeit components.

We believe that it is imperative to be diligent when processing parts on incoming receiving inspection. Serenity will not hesitate in reporting companies that are selling counterfeit, re-marked and substandard products in our industry.