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Quality Procedures

Serenity currently manages over 80,000 line items which represents over 48 million dollars of electronic components. All of these components originated from corporate agreements with four large American OEM's. Therefore, these components have gone through rigid incoming inspections. With the onslaught of inferior products offered in the marketplace today, this should be a comforting fact.

The following procedures are immediately implemented upon receiving a purchase order and/or quotation that is not in our stock and has to be bought by Serenity Electronics:


  • We check to verify if the part is being produced or obsolete
  • Withdrawal date
  • Obsolete date
  • Whether the device is being re-designed or not
  • Manufacturers die position
Internal Checklist
  • Check the ERAI website under reported parts (counterfeit/clones) and substandard part listing (refurbished/used)
  • Check all manufacturers and their franchised distributors
  • Check our contracted OEM base for potential excess
  • Check all pay sites for available inventories
After the Parts are Located
  • Verification of manufacturer's part number
  • Vendor evaluation – check ERAI website "reported companies" for any complaints against the potential vendor
  • Vendor complaints and/or disputes with Broker Forum and IC Source
  • Confirm date codes and quantities for each
  • Request photograph and/or samples of each date code
  • Packaging
  • Check for traceability and/or origin of parts
  • Contact the manufacturer for material composition format and data sheet
The Purchase
  • Does vendor appear on the Serenity unapproved list
  • Establish warranty through the testing process
  • Establish escrow account
  • Establish receiving date
  • Fax Serenity purchase order
  • Receive vendor signed acknowledgment
  • All receiving is performed by a certified IDEA Incoming Inspector
  • Perform under the guidance of ISO 9001:2008 & AS9120 certified standard
  • Photograph with microscope (Omano model: 7X-45X)
  • Compare visual appearance with known device (preferred) or a picture from the manufacturer's website
  • All parts that pass our incoming inspection ship to one of our qualified test houses