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Trust through Verification

The electronics component Industry has gone through extreme change in the last decade; especially the last three or four years. No longer can a buyer purchase a part comfortable in the knowledge that the device will be authentic and remain a long term investment in their equipment.

Where did the device type originate from? If the component wasn't purchased from the manufacturer or one of their franchised distributors how can one know the parts true origin? The answer is you can't! – the paper trail through the supply chain can to a large degree be answered by: Serenity Electronics, Inc.

Serenity has taken photographs of all key components and scanned the corresponding paperwork, whether it be a manufacturer's certification, franchise distribution paperwork or a packing slip directly to Serenity from one of its OEM's/CM's.These digital images and paperwork can be viewed simply by entering our part number search from the home page.

Serenity is a redistribution specialist that procures its extensive inventory, currently 80,000 line items from OEM and/or CM's only. None of our inventory has been purchased from the open market. All 80,000 line items were purchased from Lockheed, General Dynamics, Honeywell (14 facilities), Eldec, Celestica (3 facilities), Flextronics, Jabil (3 facilities), Plexus (3 facilities), Suntron (2 facilities), Benchmark and AMC.

The only open market purchases we make are for specific customer purchase orders. These open market purchases will then go through a rigid test process via our customer selected test houses.