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Qualified Test Partners

Serenity has established long standing relationships with some of our industries leading test facilities. Our customers demand that any parts coming from the open market have to be sent through (in most cases) their
pre-qualified test houses.

All parts have to pass Serenity's rigorous incoming receiving inspection. They are then sent to one of our preferred test houses.

These test facilities perform the following customer specific risk mitigation procedures to determine the authenticity of components purchased from the open market:

  • General Requirements
  • Sampling: Quantity to be determined on purchase size
  • External Visual Examination
  • Inspection for Remarking or Resurfacing
  • X-ray and Lead Finish Evaluation
  • Internal Verification – (See Delid picture on right of page)
  • Basic Electrical Testing
  • Conformity of Parts; fit, form and function per the manufacturer's data sheet

Upon successful completion of these counterfeit mitigation procedures all conforming parts are sent to our customer.

The following test partners perform the majority of testing for our clients:

Trace Laboratories (

Integra Technologies (

Analytical Solutions (